Time-lapse video with GoPro Camera


This is the first time-lapse video I made with my new GoPro Camera ..

During the last week-end I was at International Self-Publishing Festival with map2app and I had a lot of fun testing the features of such a new toy .. The only problem was with the battery: the life was too short!



Google Analytics and Google AdSense Data Analysis with Google BigQuery


It has been ages since I have written something into this blog .. I am now in the mood of writing down something about all the things I am doing in my spare time, so here I am: this is the new beginning of this blog .. At least: I hope it is!

Tonight I watched an interesting talk from the last Google I/O 2013 speaking about the integration between data from Google Analytics and Google AdSense. The cool thing is how easy it is to analyze data with the new BigQuery.

The value I added to the world for tonight was simply writing down all the queries explained in this video, so that other people can speed up their learning with a copy/paste from here!

Where does mysql server store DBs and privileges?


In SLES (Suse Enterprise Linux Server 11) it stores everything here:


.. and obviously if you remove this folder you are going to delete everything!

Phonegap: installation failed on Mac OS X (Snow) Leopard


If Phonegap installation fails in Leopard or in Snow Leopard is probably because of the zip file downloaded. If you try to get all the stuff via Git it will work.

So, first of all let’s install Git:

  1. download and install the Mac OS X specific distribution (http://code.google.com/p/git-osx-installer/)
  2. run the script

./setup\ git\ PATH\ for\ non-terminal\ programs.sh

At this point you can follow the instructions.

Try twitter integration


.. the purpose of this post is only to test the twitter integration made by Twitter tools.

Hello world!


.. as every developer I started so many time with this string: “Hello world!”.

So, I don’t want to loose time introducing myself: the only purpose to this blog is to share my knowledge with everyone is interested in computers and web.

Let’s start!

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